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Can Your Arizona Car Be Taken by a Registration Loan?

In the state of Arizona, you can borrow money many different ways, whether you have an emergency or just need help scraping by to your next paycheck. One of your options is a personal loan via a registration loan. It’s worth wondering whether or not an Arizona registration loan is a good move for you?

What are registration loans?

Arizona registration loans let you utilize your car registration to get the money that you need. You will still be making car payments, but you can get access to money if you need it.

What is an Arizona title loan?

In the state of Arizona, a vehicle title loan means you can use your vehicle’s title as loan collateral. In this case, your vehicle is already paid off, and you possess the vehicle title.

Generally speaking, a title loan will secure you more funds.

If I don’t repay my registration loan in Arizona, can I lose my car?


car registration loans onlineThat can be complicated. It’s very unlikely as an event that might happen. A lender behind your registration laon can’t repossess or take your vehicle when you default on the loan unless two things happened. First, the lienholder would have had to be paid in full. Second, the registration loan lender would have needed to secure a vehicle lien.

Most of the time, the lender is going to try and collect themselves. They might also assign the delinquent account to a collection agent or agency if you don’t make payments. They might also pursue other steps, such as suing you through civil court for any balance due. That might mean your wages get garnished for what you owe.

Your best move is only taking out such a loan when you have no other option. Then stick to the payment schedule. Try working with a lender who can meet your needs and budget.

Remember that if you apply for a vehicle title loan, then your car is the loan collateral. That puts you in a situation where a loan company might repossess your car fast if you fall behind on the payments or don’t make them.

How can I get an Arizona registration loan?

Do you want to apply for an Arizona registration loan at this time? We’ve got locations across the region that can help you out with both registration and title loans.

When you come in to make a registration application loan, you’ll need certain things with you.

  1. Current registration for the state of Arizona
  2. Proof of income, such as pension statement, pay stub, etc.
  3. Recent bank statement
  4. Your debit card and account number
  5. Proof of residence, such as a utility bill
  6. Valid ID
  7. Be 18 years of age or older
  8. Bring your vehicle

Getting a registration loan does have a certain number of benefits. No hidden fees are definitely a perk. You can also find terms that match your budget. Also, you won’t face a check of your credit history. When you do your in-person application, our team member will go over all the registration loan details with you. If you pay your loan off before the term is up, you won’t face any penalties for doing so.

How can I pay my registration loan off?


Do you have concerns about defaulting on the loan? When you already have one, you have options to prevent default. Start with calling your lender to ask about extending the loan term and lowering the monthly payment as a result.

You might also look for a different lender. If you don’t have any loans at the time with us, then you might be pleasantly surprised to see how simple our process is. You might use any new funds you get to pay your previous loan off. Then, you might have a repayment option better suited for what you need right now.

Find out if you’re pre-approved

Keep in mind that with one of our TitleLoanser Arizona registration loans, you can keep driving your vehicle while also making your payments. Our application process is quick and easy, and your approval can happen fast. We want to see you stay behind the wheel of your car, so count on us to work with you in coming up with affordable monthly payments.

Remember This

car registration loans onlineIt’s not hard to get an Arizona car registration loan. If you need money, then there are quite a few benefits to getting such a loan. When you need enough money to make it to your next paycheck, think about getting it done with an Arizona registration loan.

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